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Todd at Piedmont Park

Todd Hancock

Founder and Head Trainer of Atlanta’s #1 Boot Camp, MODO Fitness
Winner of Atlanta’s #1 Personal Trainer 2014 & 2015 by Creative Loafing Readers
Winner of Atlanta’s #1 Personal Trainer 2015 BestSelf Magazine
Winner of Atlanta’s #1 Boot Camp 2015 by Creative Loafing Readers

– Certified Personal Trainer ISSA
– Certified Metabolic Trainer
– Certified TRX Trainer
– Certified Functional Aging
– Coaching and Motivation
– Body Transformation Specialist
– Client Needs Specialist

20 years ago Todd developed his first successful body transformation by personally losing 60 lbs. Having been overweight, he is uniquely qualified to help his clients understand how making better food and exercise choices can change their life.

Armed with cutting edge programs he’s been able to help hundreds become their own success story by getting them in the best shape of their lives, dropping dress & pant sizes, shaving inches and pounds off while melting body fat and building lean muscle. When his programs are followed, the results are dramatic and long lasting in half the time you’ll spend in other programs and with a significantly reduced chance of injury.

These scientifically proven programs are designed to transform your mind, body and life, making results more permanent. Results he’s so sure you’ll get he’ll give you 100% of your money back if you attend the sessions and don’t get results. Fair enough?


Duncan C

I’ve been working out with MODO Fitness since the beginning. First as a member and now as a trainer. Being an athlete growing up and through college, I was always in good shape. After graduation I took many years off. My wife convinced me to come workout with MODO Fitness. This changed my life and I enjoyed helping others change their lives so much that I decided to get certified through NFPT. Seeing people get results from MODO Fitness and helping them along the way is very rewarding to me. There’s nothing better than starting your day with a great workout and our group of members. I work hard and play hard and am always up for a good road race, mud or trail run. I look forward to helping you reach your goals.


Grant J

Born and raised in California, I’ve been physically active my whole life and it has helped me realize a few things. We should all strive to do and be the best that we can. We must moderate and balance all of the good and bad things that come up in our lives, and ideally have more good than bad.

Our bodies should be strong and healthy enough to handle any tasks or challenges presented in our paths. We all born with just one body that is expected to withstand the entirety of our lives, performing trillions of functions a day. It is our job and responsibility to do our best to keep our bodies healthy and strong in order to live long, fun, fruitful lives.

In our society, it has become increasingly easy to be sedentary, but our bodies are meant to move! We are all capable of extraordinary things and stagnation helps none of these. Some form of active movement or exercise should be a regular and habitual part of all our lives.

You must push your body, or be pushed to conquer new goals and challenges. Not only will you look better but you will feel better mentally, emotionally, physically a d socially. Our bodies are impressive, hard working machines that thrive on exercise and good nutrients. Be strong, be smart, have fun, have courage and be kind.


Todd’s Before/ After

Here’s my before and after picture. I love to help motivate people to change their life and my work. My goal is to get you the results you want and with focused, persistent effort, they’ll come. At the end of the day I want you to feel better and be healthier and work hard to provide a program to achieve that feeling. I look forward to meeting you soon.